Lou Luddington

Marine Biologist-Nature photographer-Author

Barrel jellyfish Rhizostoma pulmo swimming in Pembrokeshire waters, UK in beams of light
Lou Luddington marine biologist photographer

About Lou

I am a nature photographer and writer with a PhD in marine biology and aim to provide a voice for the natural world through powerful images and writing. My main focus is on coastal and marine environments and in November 2019 my book “Wondrous British Marine Life: a handbook for coastal explorers” was published by Pesda Press.As a contributor to Oceanographic Magazine and other publications and blogger for The Finisterre Broadcast and The Do Lectures I get to shout out on behalf of marine life to an international community of ocean enthusiasts.In summer 2018 I held my first photography exhibition “The Sea From Within”, a milestone and launch pad for making my images available as fine art prints. Orders available through www.rookwoodstudios.com and by email request hi@louluddington.com.One of my images was highly commended in the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2019 and exhibited at the Mall Galleries, Trafalgar Square, London. Another of my images was runner-up in the Pembrokeshire Wildlife Photography Awards 2018 and Welsh Coastal Life magazine ran a feature on my work in 2019. My photography has also been featured in The Telegraph and BBC Countryfile magazine and I’ve worked on commissions for Visit Wales and TYF Adventure. My photography work is represented by Image Quest Marine the UK's leading stock image library specialising in photography of aquatic wildlife and environments. You can find many of my images for rights managed licensing for professional use through their website. For specific image enquiries, please email me.In 2019, after 19 blissful years living in Solva, Pembrokeshire with my husband, we sold up and moved aboard our 35 ft sailing yacht Noctiluca. We named our boat after the bioluminescent plankton that lights up the ocean on dark nights (Noctiluca means night light), as we planned to be ‘a light at sea’, documenting and championing the marine environment through photography, video and writing.Setting off on 1st August 2020 we began a voyage of the eastern Atlantic, travelling south to Portugal then striking out to the Canary Islands. After several months of preparations and delays due to Covid restrictions and technical problems we took off across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. After 2 and a half years as live aboard sailors and the voyage of a lifetime we finally returned home in December 2022, with full hearts and our perspectives forever changed.

Sailing boat at anchor in sunset light from water level



Black & White



My latest project coming soon for 2023 is to crowd fund the publishing of my next book Wild Atlantic Life: a book of nature photographs, paintings, haiku poems and prose inspired by a 3 year voyage free diving and sailing the North Atlantic.Gathering and binding together the most poignant moments from this voyage, in the form of photographs, watercolour paintings, stories and poems, I share my love of the natural world in the hope that you will be wowed too.
Details on how to support this project coming soon ...

Short-finned pilot whale family in beams of light

Family, La Gomera, Canary Islands (image from Wild Atlantic Life)

published work

I wrote a series of articles for Finisterre's The Broadcast that follows our 3 year voyage as liveaboard sailors:
Sailing Light
Life in Motion
The Crossing Part 1
The Crossing Part 2
Caribbean Cruisin'
Ground Rush

EVENTS for 2023

Green turtle underwater grazing on seaweed

Coming soon ...


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